Sunday, January 2, 2011

Lazy Sunday Talk Part 1

I love Sundays,cause i can finally relax! watch some Football,wish Baseball season was here aready.Who else is watching some Football today? if you are which team are you rooting for? I know,i know,Everyone hates,dallas lol,but i like them,and Houston Texans,I know they are out aready,but hey,i love watching Football on Sundays.

I hope Everyone Stays tune on the schedule,cause i got alot of stuff planned out,so i hope everyone likes.

Mon-Fridays-I'll talk about Baseball cards
Wed-Pick a card,random and draw it on a piece of paper,and submit,it to my email,and see who draws there card better.
Sat-I'll be Posting Funny Baseball Card pictures.
Sun-Random Talk,probably be posting random stuff.:P


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