Thursday, December 30, 2010

1990 Donruss box

All these boxes! i'm addicted :) what can i say? Well anyways,how can you pass up good deals? i'm just having fun,trying to get every old box i can,before i start buying newer boxes again! Has any of you guys gotten this one? if so,what was your opinion on it? 1990 Donruss baseball box was to tempting to pass,

I'm thinking of getting 1987 Fleer box next,and then 1989 topps box,All of these boxes i posted,havent gotten in yet,so i'm hopping next week it will be here.*crosses fingers*

Have a Happy new Years everyone!
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

1990 Fleer

I just ordered this box for 8.99,i though it was a good price,i so had to get it,Has any of yall gotten this before? and what good cards did you get? i think i'm gonna get 1987 topps next,if you guys have any suggestions on the  next box let me know,i'm always down for items!

Also let me know if comments are working now,cause i heard it wasnt thanks!
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nolan Ryan card

Sorry for being blury! Well anyways hope everyone had a good Christmas! i know i did,my Sister bought me this,was pretty exciting,cause she knew i love Baseball cards,now i can add this baby to my collection,:P well this is all for now,have a good new years everyone!

Question of the day:What is your Favorite Year of baseball cards do you like?
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!

I wanna wish everyone a merry Christmas,and hope everyone gets baseball cards as gifts. :)
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

What im getting next

Gonna give this box a try,Hopping to get something good,if not i don't mind,i can add it to my collection :),have any of yall gotten one of these boxes? if so what good cards did you get? i'm curious to know,if i get anything good,ill probably try more of these boxes soon.

Well i just wanted to let you guys know what i'm waiting for in my mail. Got any questions about how much i paid,well i paid  9.84+shipping if you guys wanna know where,leave a comment and ill give you the link.
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New Cards 12/23/10

When i saw the Astros one i got excited,cause Astros are my favorite team,Roy holliday was a good find too.
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Walmart never has any good Upper deck boxes,they should really started adding more,i know other cities and states they sale them,but down here in Texas i never see them,maybe people are buying them or maybe they just don't carry them here,Don't get me wrong they sell Topps,but i want something differn't i guess.

I'm gonna check tomorrow,i think i saw a Upper decks Heroes box 2008,might get it,if it still there that is.I'll let you guys know what i get tomorrow.

Question of the day:Who is your favorite Baseball player?
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New cards 12/22/10

Man i had so much fun looking at Rookies and Jersey cards! it was so great,i don't care if there not worth much,i just love collecting them,cause seeing differn't cards is always good,i also almost used all my 100 sheets xD,it took awhile,but it was worth it.

What next box should i go for? i don't wanna spend to much,but im willing to spend some cash,if you got any ideas,please leave me some comments.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The cards i got 2 weeks ago.

I forgot to upload these,so check them out and let me know what you think of them.

I'm hopping to get more cards soon,so check up on here daily.

Manny Ramirez/Game used bat

Phil hughes/p UD game Jersey

Andre ethier Dual swatch 031/149
Gavin floyd auto

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Just got 100 pockets for my cards.

Yep 1 day later it came in! kinda took awhile but! it was worth it! i don't mind waiting a couple of hours just for this. Now time to go put my other cards in the pockets.

Question of the day:*How many cards do you have in all?*
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Just got a new Binder!

I just ordered this Today,seems ok,i needed a new binder anyways for my cards! :) Ill get it tomorrow and let you guys know how it is,and if you need one too,ill show you the link to get one,it cost about 7.99 plus shipping unless you do the 2 day free shipping,i did the 1 day for 3.99 just cause i wanted it fast. lol

If you got any questions leave it in a comment,and ill get back to you.
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Getting Free cards are always the best!

In the past two weeks,ive gotten two free Upper deck Baseball series 1 hobby boxes 2009,for 37.99! it was a great deal! i got in all 6 jersey cards out of it,and 2 autos. I was amazed! If you wanna know where i got the hobby boxes,leave a comment ill get back to you and show you the amazon page.

Right now i'm waiting for my 100 sheet pockets to come in today,cost me a good 13 dollars,which is pretty good if you think about it,cause Walmart sales them 35 sheets for 5,I don't know if i should buy another box,or just wait awhile. :P

Questions of the day *Which card is your favorite card,that you would never sale?*
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Monday, December 20, 2010

What brand of cards do you like better?

Upper deck, or Topps?

I like alittle bit of both,Upper deck has a better chance in getting more jersey cards then topps,idk i like getting Jersey cards,cause they are fun to have,and cool to look at.

Topps on the other hand,has more reprints...well thats what i notice,don't get me wrong they are still cool! but...i like getting the real thing...well that's just my opinion.

Please leave your comment's and let me know what you think about it!
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The cards i got today 12/20/10

Here are some of my Baseball cards that i got today! they were pretty good,i love just opening them,and getting random cards,never know what your gonna get :)

 Craig Biggio Jersey card
Josh willingham Jersey/auto 69/99
Matt cain Triple swatch 94/99
Carl crawford Dual swatch 076/149
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Welcome To my Blog!

Hello everyone,i thought i should make a blog,to keep everyone up to date on what i'm doing,and what new cards i've got :)

If you got any new baseball cards,lets hear what you got! Cause i love to hear what you have!

Talk to you guys later!
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