Sunday, January 2, 2011

How was everyones New Years?

I had a good New years,Just hung out with family,Didn't really pop fireworks,just cause i can see other people pop them,*haha*

Did anyone get any new cards in 2011? :P if so lets hear what you got! Still haven't gotten my 1987 Donruss box,1990 Fleer box,!990 Donruss box,But like i said,this week or next week,ill get em.Until then i gotta way. :(

Question of the day:What did you do for New Years?


Mark said...

I didn't get any new cards yet in 2011, but I am expecting a few in the coming days.

As far as what I did on New Years Eve? Had my in-laws and two other couples over. Snacked, played games, laughed our heads off and watched the ball drop.

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